Board’s Welcome Message

Welcome to Reach, the first non-profit organization registered in the DIFC, dedicated to mentoring professional women in organizations.

While the region is making huge steps towards empowering women in the workplace, mentorship still plays a key role in the corporate world, helping to bridge the gender divide. Gender disparity in the workplace is a reality across the world, and means that it can be a lonely place for women, whether at the start of their careers or at the pinnacle of their success.

Not everyone has access to influential female and male figures to guide them along their careers. As we believe that encouragement and support are vital to the professional and personal development and success of women, we achieve that by offering them this much-needed structured guidance and support through a ‘trusted’ mentor.

Given the benefits of reverse mentoring, mentors also stand to gain as much as mentees from this programme through new perspective into the work place, delivering career progress and long-term impact.

We look forward to having you join our community and take part in an inspiring journey, new links and opportunities.

Antonio, Pamela, Racha, Jumana

Reach Board

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