Pascale Wazen

Pascale Wazen, Head of FactSet Middle East & Africa said when asked about her experience as a REACH mentor: “I got involved in many activities helping women, but I found that Reach worked best for me. The structure around the program makes the women I mentor so serious and motivated about achieving real results. It makes them think about what they really want out of the program. I got lucky to mentor two very inspiring and enthusiastic women. What really made me happy is how much I learned from them too. Both were in a sector I didn’t know about, I learned about their work/aspiration but also what they want out of life. It’s really rewarding to see how we can help by being there, listening and coaching them. It’s nice to feel like giving back and the program makes you realize that you can help even If as a women you always think what will I bring to them 😉 The program also encouraged me to get involved in my company’s women business resource group as A co-chair for Europe Middle East and Africa .Thank you for letting me part of the program.”

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