Amina Limbada – Mentee

Mentorship is an untouched concept in the region and professional mentorship is even more so. So when I came across Reach, an organisation which sought to provide mentorship to women, I jumped at the chance. While I was aware that mentorship would be greatly beneficial in many aspects, I did not realise its impact until I underwent the program with my mentor, Racha Alkhwaja. Racha’s mentorship and guidance have been exemplary to my growth and development both in terms of my career and as an individual. From being a source of support on my worst days to making me believe in myself even more on my best days, Racha’s mentorship has helped me aptly navigate the otherwise confusing corporate world. I would highly recommend mentorship to anyone, no matter what stage of life or career they are at, as this expert perspective is impactful in its own right.

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